What to Ask Before Starting a New Anti-Ageing Regimen

Anti-Ageing Regimen

Up until now, scientific research has found two primary causes of skin ageing: first; genetic makeup or intrinsic ageing, second; exposure to environmental factors or extrinsic ageing. Here’s the truth: wrinkled, spotted, and damaged skin may appear as early as your 20s, or if you’re fortunate, as late as your 40s. Stopping the natural process of ageing is just not within your control; however, improving your skin’s texture, tone and radiance are very much within your control. So, whether your preferred method to save your skin is to stop smoking or to stay out of the sun, boost your appearance by committing to a daily anti-ageing regimen that’s right for your skin and perfect for your self-confidence.

Ask The Important Questions

Hold on. Don’t start searching for products just yet. Before committing to any kind of skincare regimen, ask yourself three basic questions about the products:

  1. Is this product safe to use?
  2. Do the products produce real, visible results?
  3. Can they prove it?

With Neora’s Age IQ Age-Defying Night and Day Creams like all Neora’s revolutionary products, the answer is easy — yes. Our research and development team provides best-in-class, age-fighting products tested for safety, quality, and efficacy. And, if that’s not enough to convince you, real science and clinical studies can back up every product.

Neora uses some of the world’s top scientists, dermatologists and chemists to create anti-ageing products rooted in science and nature and adapted for the skin using the latest advancements in technology. When combined with potent antioxidants and multifunctional ingredients, our exclusive formula delivers smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Numerous clinical studies and countless Neora Night and Day Cream users can attest to that.

Get The Important Answers

Independently-conducted, clinical trials show that Neora Age-Defying Night Creams do in fact produce real, visible results. Studies reveal:

  • 93% of participants showed statistically significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • 92% of participants showed statistically significant improvement in skin radiance.
  • 72% of participants showed statistically significant improvement in skin discoloration.

And, findings of Neora Age-Defying Day Creams revealed:

  • 93% of participants had a significant increase in skin moisture.
  • 86% of participants had an improvement in uneven skin texture.
  • 86% of participants noted a reduction in pore size.

The Dynamic Duo

Even though Neora products are developed to be used separately, Neora Age-Defying Night and Day Creams work even better as part of a team. Both Night and Day Creams are a testament to the company’s steadfast research and development process, exclusive product formulas, and clinical studies that show products are formulated to be safe and beneficial to your skin.

Start your anti-ageing skincare routine with Neora Age-Defying Night and Day Creams now.

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