How to Achieve Super-Soft, Sexy Radiant Skin

Tips To Achieving Great Skin

Good skin. You know, the skin that’s got that glow, is a symbol of youthful femininity. Like long hair, soft dewy skin is something that’s universally beautiful. The kind of softness you can see. A complexion that’s the result of skin being taken care of. Often, through a good face lotion and healthy lifestyle.

We’re not talking about the (photoshopped) complexion that you see in magazines. Rather, the woman walking down the street with noticeably, beautiful skin. A glowing complexion that you spot from metres away.

If you spoke to her, she’d tell you the same thing. Soft skin is all about the habits you follow every day (like getting a good face lotion). The good news? Anyone can do these must-dos.

For skin as soft as a baby’s bottom, start with a good face lotion

No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, ageing happens. Dehydration is a big cause of premature ageing, so get yourself a good face lotion. Our new range of Age IQ face lotions are like your skin’s version of drinking two litres of water a day. The day face lotion tightens and firms your skin, improves clarity and radiance, and helps maintain a smoother texture. The night face lotion fights the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration, uneven skin texture and sagging.

What gives this face lotion duo its power is a natural cell renewal-boosting process. It mimics your body’s natural age-fighting properties, and deeply hydrates by binding moisture to the skin.

Now you’ve got your face lotion sorted (don’t forget your body, too), you can implement healthy habits that’ll complement the work of your Age IQ face lotions. Here are a few things to implement into your day:

  • Don’t touch your face

We know, we know. When you see a pimple, all you want to do is reach that white top. But trust us – you’ll have that reminder long after it’s gone. Reduce red spots, scarring and infections by leaving them be to run their course. Let your face lotion target lines and wrinkles (the things you can’t always control), not the self-created scars. Fight the ‘I must pick it’ urge.

  • Use sunscreen everyday

This one goes without saying, but it’s important, so we going to repeat it. Wear. Sunscreen.

  • Moisturise straight after showering

Apply your face lotion when you’re barely dry, so you trap water in the surface layers of the skin. Put your Age IQ face lotion right there, front and centre of your products as a reminder. Our day and night face lotions are full of humectants that draw moisture to the top layer of your skin. All you need to do is to remember to use it. Once you’ve finished applying your face lotion, double up on hydration with an oil serum.

Give our Age IQ day and night face lotions a go for a month. If you don’t see (and feel) a sexy, supple transformation, we’ll refund your money. Cool, huh?

It’s the ultimate partnership.

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