Every Decade’s Guide to Ageing Skin Care

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Think back to when you were a teenager. Your skin had different needs. Maybe you struggled with acne as your hormones did their thing. Or maybe you clocked too many hours at the beach and constantly had dry, flaky skin.

Just like seasons, your skin goes through lifecycles, too, and while the three-step process of washing, toning and moisturising is timeless, there are certain things to focus on at different ages, especially to ward off the signs and progression of ageing skin.

Your 20’s

Life’s good. Your skin looks great – youthful and glowing. But, you’re probably starting to become a bit more conscious of skin care. This is especially true once many of us hit 25.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get a good skin routine in place: not just to start erasing the past years of late nights, hangovers and long beach sessions, but also to act as a preventive measure against the signs of ageing skin. Invest in a good eye cream and start to apply that early (even if your friends laugh at you). You can go one step further and introduce an anti-ageing element to your full face regime, such as a moisturiser or cream with anti-ageing properties. Your mid 20’s are a great time to begin good habits relating to wrinkle and fine line prevention. Be proactive about it and help your skin remain supple – your future self will thank you!

Finally, exfoliate once a week to clear away dead skin that can make you look a bit dry and dull, and invest in a quality body moisturiser, too. If you live in the city, protecting your skin against pollutants and environmental aggressors is also important. No matter where you are, be religious about your SPF! Even if you escape a burn, sun damage can accumulate over time and lead to visible signs down the road.

Your 30’s

Whether you’re a busy, successful businesswoman, a full-time mum, a full-of-hustle freelancer, or all of the above, skin health is something that’s often put on the

backburner. You’re running late for a meeting or need to get the kids out the door, so you quickly wake up your skin with a splash of cold water. But taking an extra three minutes to care for your skin and prepare it for the day ahead is essential, especially as signs of ageing skin start to show.

Check the ingredients of every product you put on your skin. Stock your shelf with the basics – a cleanser, toner, moisturiser (based on your skin type and needs), an exfoliant, eye cream, eye patches, and body moisturiser. Every week, maybe on a quiet Sunday, apply a face mask, followed by eye patches to give your skin a boost before the start of a new week.

Be conscious of what you’re putting in your body, too. What you eat will ‘come out’ on your face. Consume nourishing, healthy foods and reduce your intake of sugar and junk foods. Depending on your preferences, think about adding salmon, chia seeds, almonds, sweet potatoes, fresh oranges, and complex carbs in your diet. They’re foods that’ll give you a natural, clear complexion.

Your 40’s… and beyond

40 is the new 30, right? People say this for good reason. Your skin comes into its own in your 40s. Hormone headaches are long gone and you’re more focused on maintaining that youthful glow and staving off ageing skin signs. Collagen is your new best friend. Avoid dry skin by investing in day and night creams that keep your skin nourished 24/7, particularly at night when your cells can be devoted to rejuvenating after a long day.

Neora’s products are designed to keep you looking and feeling young, the natural way. They’re great for any age – 20, 30, 40, 50… It’s never too early (or late) to invest in your skin.

Neora’s age-fighting skincare has no age limits.

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