The Best Time to Apply Your Night Cream

We know, at night, of course! But, what time?  

Night creams are designed specifically for the hours when you sleep. And, because we all hit the pillow at different times, there’s not an hour that everyone should apply their night cream.

Here’s what we suggest: right before you go to sleep, ideally between 10-11pm, walk into the bathroom and take your night cream off the shelf. Make sure your face is clean and ready for the night cream. Your skin is at its calmest right now, after a long day exposed to external wrinkle-triggers – such as sun, pollution, dirt and stress.

Your skin is best able to heal itself while you’re sleeping (and a good night cream will support this process). When you pair good sleeping habits and a restorative night cream together, you’ll notice the difference in your skin.

While we sleep, our bodies can promote tissue development, ward against infections, and regenerate. We heal ourselves overnight (especially when we use a good night cream).

Improve your body’s crucial healing process, with a natural night cream.

And how do you define a good night cream? Well, it has ingredients that replenish, nourish and clarify your skin, so you wake up looking fab. In our range, we only have one night cream: Age IQ. It’s the after-dark pairing of the day cream and together, work to heal and empower your skin.

Let’s chat more about the night cream. We have some incredible natural ingredients like the moisture-giving aloe barbadensis leaf water, wrinkle-reducing peptide blend and paeonia albiflora root extract, which all helps with your skin’s plumpness.

But, what gives our night cream its magic is our three Neora-exclusive blends:

  1. TC3-Armor: It’s a combination of trehalose, glycerin and chia seed extract that rids your skin of stressors accumulated during the day (while acting as a shield from environmental impurities)
  2. SIG-1273®: A patented, advanced molecule that helps fight the signs of ageing
  3. SAL-14™: This is a fusion that features the antioxidant bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to help address discolouration and other signs of ageing.

You’ll notice a dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, a more energised complexion, tighter skin and greater clarity. Added to that, our night cream is delivered in a mask-like consistency, particularly to create a guard against lines and wrinkles caused by pillows and sheets.

Your bedtime routine is also essential. Avoid scrolling through Instagram and watching YouTube late at night. This triggers a response in the brain that communicates to the body that it’s time to be ‘on.’ Get into a good habit of reading a book or listening to soothing music.
Turn your bedroom into a little sanctuary, cherish your sleeping hours and, of course, use night cream.

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