Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Confidence. Do This.

By 16/04/2019Skin Care Tips
Acne treatment

Time heals all wounds. But not always acne scars.  

Just when you think pimples are hard to ignore, along comes an acne scar. You haven’t aggravated it or succumbed to taking on that mountain with tweezers. You didn’t even use any acne treatment because now you know, it’s full of harmful ingredients. But still, that damn scar!

Quit habitually checking your reflection and, instead, switch your skincare.

Choosing the right products can double as your acne treatment because it stops them from developing. At least, less frequently than usual. Don’t be dismayed if you spot a scar. The best acne treatment is following a lifestyle that prevents breakouts. You don’t have to resort to lasers, professional peels and other complicated acne treatments.

If you have oily skin, take note of the products you’re using (and how they’re affecting your complexion). But, as you know, don’t fall for ‘non-oily, acne treatment’ labels. Of course, while some products will perform better for acne treatment, like cream over oil, use the ingredients to guide your buying decision.

Our products have been approved by dermatologists for all skin types – a testament to the ingredient vs. label conversation. For skincare, it really comes down to how it makes your face feel. If it’s leaving that oily, ‘I haven’t showered in two days’ look, it’s probably not for you.

Take the natural acne treatment path to heal scars

Try products that are designed for all skin types. You don’t need to look for ‘acne treatment’ on the label. Getting your skincare right is half the battle in eradicating acne scars. Look for creams that double as natural acne treatments, like those with retinol, turmeric, glycolic acid, lemon, grapeseed oil, and cucumber.

Why does retinol perform like an acne treatment? This pimple-fighting vitamin A is great for those with clogged pores and superficial scars. Products containing retinol work to diminish skin concerns by encouraging the shedding and building process. There’s quicker cell turnover and those spots and marks start to fade (like last year’s summer tan).

Grapeseed oil is another pore-clearing ‘acne treatment’ ingredient.

It speeds up healing, so it’s great to use at night. Glycolic acid has natural acne treatment powers as it removes dead skin cells, exfoliates and stimulates collagen. For these reasons, you’ll see this ingredient in our anti-ageing range.  

Honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, clove and lemongrass are a few other ingredients to look for in your ‘acne treatment.’ So, leave your DIY concoctions to your weekly face masks and invest in a suite of scientifically-proven skincare that’s effectively your acne treatment, too. Learn more about our exclusive ingredients that celebrate the best in nature and scientific breakthroughs.

As always, consult with your dermatologist if you’d like advice on acne treatments. Don’t let those pesky pimples overstay their welcome.

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