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By 23/04/2019Skin Care Tips
Day moisturiser

You know the golden rule of skincare: use a day moisturiser.

While winter has you reaching for your day moisturiser, without question, summer is a different story. You’ve already got that dewy glow, so you wonder whether you really need a day moisturiser.

Well, do you have days where your skin is on the greasier side? You probably don’t think a day moisturiser will help, but it will (if you choose the right one). There are plenty of reasons why your skin needs nutrients from a day moisturiser… and it goes beyond just fighting off dryness.

A day moisturiser reduces the chance of skin problems

rom daily issues like redness to long-term battles such as wrinkles. Our day moisturiser, Age IQ, works in harmony with your skin’s natural pH levels. This is the sign of a good day moisturiser. It balances your skin, so you’ll notice less redness, itchiness, acne and oiliness. Summer is synonymous with greasy skin (and not just because you’re wearing sunscreen). A day moisturiser is essential to hydrating your complexion – an important recipe for minimising unnecessary oil, then pimples.

Speaking of spots, using a day moisturiser will give your skin that lovely healthy sheen, while evening out existing blemishes. Given that your face is one of the most sensitive areas of your skin (with cells that replace themselves more often than any other area), the quality of your day moisturiser matters. It’s a vulnerable part of your body, yet it’s always exposed. A day moisturiser can help give your complexion the boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy.

Ladies, have you ever tried to apply makeup to your skin without using a day moisturiser? It’s a cakey, flaky mess. Make sure you’re working with a clean, soft and hydrated complexion to improve the end result of your beauty regime. And if you don’t wear makeup products, a day moisturiser like Age IQ will exude that natural glow.

For the ultimate in hydration, without that 3.00PM oiliness, add the Age IQ day moisturiser into your morning skin routine. That plump, supple feeling after moisturising isn’t an illusion. And with ingredients like aloe vera, peptide blend, vitamin A and C and centella asiatica, you’ll understand why. Our scientists have empowered our day moisturiser (and the night version) with the best in science and nature. Yes, the tried-and-true ingredients but, more importantly, Neora-only, breakthroughs created in the world’s top universities.

Moisturiser is the universal ‘religion’.

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