Makeup Babes, You’ll Love This Product

By 29/04/2019Skin Care Tips
day cream

Our pre-makeup secret.

Ladies, we know you’ll agree with this. There’s nothing worse than trying to apply foundation or powder onto dry skin. Seriously, nothing.

Well, that may be exaggerating but, it’s not nice. It’s hard to put on and the finished look? Forget it. This isn’t a simple fix, either. It takes more than just applying moisturiser to strike that dewy, yet not greasy look.

It’s a fine, fine line.

Well, we’ve got the perfect remedy: a day cream. The name gives it away, day cream. Choose the right day cream and it’ll create that non-oily base for your makeup. And, in case you’re thinking, is day cream just a fancy new name for moisturiser? Nope.

A day cream will have specific ingredients to protect your face throughout the day. Then, there’s a different version for the night, when your skin needs deep-penetrating ingredients. Your day cream guards your skin against pollutants and harmful UV rays. It’s lightweight and made to empower your skin, without affecting your makeup.

Give your skin a powerful start, tomorrow… With this pre-makeup day cream.

While we can’t speak for other day creams, ours is packed full of natural goodies – like antioxidants, peptides and plant extracts. It’s an anti-ageing day cream, but you’ll also notice how good it makes your skin look and feel immediately, thanks to these botanical ingredients.

This day cream packs a lot of (natural) punch. Here’s how:

  • Addressing the signs and underlying causes of ageing
  • Acting as a powerful antioxidant and inhibits free radical damage (that leads to wrinkles)
  • Boosting the cell renewal process. Hello, youthful glow!
  • Mirroring your skin’s natural age-fighting properties
  • Binding moisture for long-lasting, lightweight hydration. No cakey makeup residue.
  • Fighting lines, wrinkles, discolouration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and sagging skin.

It doesn’t matter what skin type you are, this day cream will earn a spot in your beauty cabinet, after just one use. It’s non-comedogenic and tested by dermatologists.

If you lean towards an oily complexion, you’ll know exactly what we mean about that midday sheen… and not the nice type of glow. Well, that stops with the day cream you use. Yes, day cream, not moisturiser.

A good makeup routine starts before the foundation.

It begins in the pre-steps, cleansing your face and using day cream. Don’t already use day cream? Try it for a month and see how it changes your complexion. You might just find day cream will become your foundation.

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