Sensitive skin? Stay away from these skincare cream ingredients

By 01/05/2019Skin Care Tips
Skincare cream

What we put on our bodies, is just as important as what we put in it.

Whether it’s your skincare cream or shampoo and conditioner, what comes into contact with your body matters. So much is said about how essential it is to eat organic produce and avoid fast food, but not enough about topical product ingredients.

Do you know, some skincare creams and face wash products are linked to hormonal disruptions and even cancer. And with products like skincare creams, they go straight into your bloodstream when applied to your body.

What we know is this: natural skincare creams and products are better. They’re safer for both you and the environment. If you have a sensitive complexion, choosing botanicallybased skincare creams is even more critical.

Here are a few skincare cream and beauty ingredient products not to touch:

  • BHA

This ingredient is usually found in skincare cream exfoliants. Stay away from BHA because it can cause skin depigmentation – only good skincare creams will do the opposite. The harm it does isn’t just skin deep, either. BHA can lead to liver damage, stomach cancers and interference with hormone levels. Our natural skincare creams do not have BHA in them.

  • Polyethylene

You’ll see this ingredient in scrubs and body wash products, not necessarily skincare creams. You know those tiny plastic beads in scrubs that help exfoliate your skin? They’re made from polyethylene and are synthetic chemicals that have been labelled as dangerous. This toxin irritates the skin and should never be used with open cuts or grazes. Simple fix? Avoid washes with polyethylene in it – even if you’re backing it up with a great, natural skincare cream.

  • Fragrance

Okay, fragrance is almost always in skincare creams (but not ours). Fragrances can harbour hormone disruptors and are among the world’s top five allergens. Buy fragrance-free skin creams and products wherever possible.

There’s plenty of other dangerous ingredients that you should look out for. Steer clear of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan and triclocarban and hydroquinone.

So, while you’re going through your skincare products, check the labels of the makeup and hair products you use, too. The next time you run out of a product, replace it with a natural product that actually works.

Sensitive skin, beautiful? Switch to Neora’s natural, scientifically proven skincare creams. You’re about to see just how incredible your face can look and feel, naturally.

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