Sensitive Skin? Try This Face Cream

By 04/05/2019Skin Care Tips
Face cream for sensitive skin

You probably know what agitates your complexion, but are you familiar with this face cream for sensitive skin?

Having sensitive skin, you know all about the variety of environmental factors that affect it. Oh, and there’s also the emotional triggers, like stress or anxiety. Whether it’s a season shift or a new career change, chances are you’ll see it on your skin.

This is why having a go-to face cream for sensitive skin helps. There are so many influences that impact your skin health such as:

  • Sun exposure 
  • Exposure to air pollution 
  • Frequent changes in temperature 
  • Cold, harsh weather 
  • Hot or ‘hard’ water (with higher mineral content) 
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle or pregnancy 
  • Stress and late nights 
  • Dehydration.

And how do you know when you need a face cream for sensitive skin? You might experience tightness, dryness, a flushed look, uneven texture, itchiness and general irritation. A face cream for sensitive skin will become your lifesaver. Make sure you’ve got a face cream for sensitive skin to reach for when you need it.

Even if you don’t usually have issues with dryness, tingling or pain, it’s always good to have a face cream for sensitive skin on-hand, because even a change of weather can compromise it.

So, what’s this face cream for sensitive skin we keep talking about? Neora’s Age IQ. It’s not just the face cream for sensitive skin. It’s perfect for every skin type (and dermatologists have approved this). Why? Because we design our ‘face cream for sensitive skin’ (and all other types) based on the exclusive ingredients list.

Our scientists have spent years researching and discovering the best ingredients that’ll work on any skin type. Our day and night lotion set is one of the best face creams for sensitive skin. It’s restorative, self-healing, and works in harmony with your skin. And there’s a reason why it’s a great face cream for sensitive skin.

Age IQ has all the empowering components that give it it’s ‘face cream for sensitive skin’ label – ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, aloe barbadensis leaf water, vitamin A, C and E, chia seed extract and glycerin.

And what about the ingredients that aren’t in the face creams for sensitive skin? Well, anything that’s abrasive on your face. Avoid nasty ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, alcohol and fragrances. They certainly won’t be in any face cream for sensitive skin products because it’s a moisture-stripping ingredient.

Observe your face once you use any product, especially those face creams for sensitive skin. If you’re experiencing any pain, redness or irritation, it’s time to switch products. And we know just the perfect one for you.

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