Skincare Essentials for Women in Their 20s

By 30/04/2019Skin Care Tips
Skincare set

The decade your skincare set starts to mature.    

For all you lovely 20-something ladies reading along with us, we’re guessing you’ll fall into one of two categories: overly conscious about wrinkles or totally untouchable. You’re either prematurely worrying about wrinkles, or you think they’ll never happen to you. Sound familiar?

Skincare isn’t something we’re taught.

We’re left to our own accord to figure out what’s best – often relying on blogs, magazines and our girlfriends for advice. Well, ladies, it’s somewhere in between. Caring enough but not too much. And with the right skincare set for your age, these products will do the work for you.

Is your skincare set overflowing?

If you’re one of those girls whose skincare set is nearly as big as your shoe collection, we’ve got you. It’s okay to admit you fall ‘victim’ to advertisements and your skincare set needs its own cupboard. All good. In time, you’ll hone your skincare set with the solutions that best suit your complexion.

Get into this selection habit: Quality, not quantity.

Instead of reading the ‘promises’ on the front, turn it around and look at what’s in it. Every product in your skincare set should serve a distinct purpose. You don’t need a skincare set for every season. Even if you’re concerned about wrinkles and what all those late nights have done to your complexion, don’t overdo it with your skincare set.  

Or, do you ignore skincare altogether?  

The other side of the spectrum, you may not have a skincare set, at all. While we love your optimistic outlook, unfortunately, every single human ages. That fountain of youth (your collagen production) will stop flowing.

Investing in a small, yet quality skincare set will look after those 20-something looks so, don’t worry.

So, what are these products? Let’s keep your skincare set simple with a cleanser, moisturiser, and of course, sunscreen. Don’t forget about a body-specific lotion, too. You can leave the eye serum and brightening creams for your late 20’s.

Switch over to a natural skincare set as early as you can.

When choosing and using quality products that aren’t only natural but, also the result of years of scientific research, you won’t need a comprehensive skincare set.

Learn about the ingredients that should feature in your skincare set. While using natural products is great, they should be made up of components with specific purposes. Sodium hyaluronate, for example, which naturally binds water to the skin for greater volume.

Your 20’s is an explorative decade, you’re discovering your body, among many other things. But when it comes to caring for your largest organ, your skin, it’s more important (and simpler) than you think.

Your skincare set just needs to be a botanical cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen. We can help you with the first two.

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