The Easiest Way to Perfect Your Skincare Routine.

By 15/04/2019Skin Care Tips
Face cream for sensitive skin

While everyone’s skin is different, There’s one regime that’s ideal for all.   

Yep, we’re going to say it. This is the face cream for sensitive skin (and all other complexions for that matter). And yes, we know how hard it is to find a good face cream for sensitive skin.

You can’t just pick up any product. If you don’t pick a face cream for sensitive skin, you’ll battle with stinging, itching or burning (or, maybe, all of the above). Alongside your face cream for sensitive skin, there are other tips you know to follow – like using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t have alcohol, soap, acid or fragrance in it.

In fact, cleansers (and face creams for sensitive skin) will have naturally calming ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, green tea polyphenols and oats. See, perfecting your skin care routine isn’t as hard as you might think. When choosing a face cream for sensitive skin and your other products, the fewer ingredients in it, the better.

If you have a complexion that’s easily affected by what you apply to it (and the external environment), choosing a face cream for sensitive skin will empower it. Actually, your face cream for sensitive skin shouldn’t be the only product you use under this umbrella. Use the botanical label to help you choose your gentle cleanser, alcohol-free toner (if you use it) and zinc oxide sunscreen. Make sure you use your face cream for sensitive skin morning and night.

The easy, non-irritating face cream for sensitive skin, And products for the rest of your routine.

If you can, choose a botanical brand for all your products, because they tend to have complementary ingredients. Take Neora’s range, for example. While our face cream for sensitive skin, Age IQ, takes the spotlight in your regime, you also need other products. Our total body set doubles up on your face cream for sensitive skin, with a day and night moisturiser as… your secret, anti-ageing weapon.

This pack is designed to fight ageing inside and out, with both skincare and wellness products. And yes, they’re ideal for your sensitive complexion. It includes the 24-hour protection face cream for sensitive skin duo, Age IQ, the firming body contour moisturiser.

So, what ingredients will be in your new face cream for sensitive skin? A number of Neora-exclusive blends, most importantly. And a long list of naturally powerful components like peptide blend, jojoba esters, green tea and vitamin C. It’s one of the best face creams for sensitive skin and the best part is, anyone can use it. Yes. Him, too.

We know you’re curious to try it. Age IQ is the moisturiser for you and your partner. Cool, huh?

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