The Link Between Skin Stress and Ageing

While we have more opportunities and freedom than ever before, this can cause choice paralysis.

What will I have for dinner?

What’s new on Netflix?

Where should I go on holiday this year?

What outfit should I wear?

What anti-ageing cream should I use?

Call them first-world problems (and you’d be right) but the amount of choice we have today is leading to a stress epidemic. When you think of stress, a foggy mind and ‘butterflies’ probably comes to mind. But stress can permeate from our brains to our bodies. In fact, it almost always does. Stress shows up on our skin, too, wreaking havoc to even the most youthful complexion… making us reach for an anti-ageing cream sooner than we thought.

Here’s what stress can do to your skin (that even the best anti-ageing cream can’t mitigate).


Have you noticed you bite your nails when stressed? You might also pick at or scratch your skin, causing it to scar. These spots become permanent reminders on your face and body. Treat yourself to an anti-ageing cream that’s botanically-infused to naturally calm your skin. Something like our Age IQ day and night anti-ageing creams fight discolouration and uneven skin tone. So, the next time you want to go up against a spot or dry area just because you’re agitated, lather on some IQ anti-ageing cream.


No one is immune from adult acne. Yep, worrying can cause pimples. Stressful situations trigger breakouts, thanks to a corticotrophin-releasing hormone. CRH binds to receptors in the skin’s sebaceous glands, driving up the skin’s oil production. And, hello pimples. Sebum mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria to clog the hair follicles that cause a pimple. First, you want to get yourself a deep wash to really clean your face. Follow it up with your anti-ageing cream and explore your stress triggers. Is it work? A relationship? Another pressure? It’s essential to get to the cause because even our Age IQ anti-ageing cream can only go so far.

And eczema sufferers? If you’re stressed, cortisol will flood your immune system, taking a toll on your skin. With our anti-ageing cream, powered by SIG-1273 extract, it’s kind to your body, eczema or no eczema.

Stress and skin have a somewhat unhealthy relationship. If you’re stressed, you’ll see it when you look in the mirror. Then, you’ll probably go out less to avoid feeling embarrassed… which leads to more stress.

Kill this cycle before it begins with a kick-butt anti-ageing cream like Age IQ . Protect your eight hours of sleep like it’s your firstborn. Let our night anti-ageing cream de-stress your complexion, use the time to repair it, and address existing (and future) signs of ageing.

Use fragrance-free products (like our botanical cleanser, eye serum, and anti-ageing creams) to prevent dryness and inflammation. Use lukewarm water to wash your face and before applying Age IQ anti-aging creams, making sure your face is slightly damp to ‘trap’ moisture. Treat yourself to a self-care day that includes a face mask, long bath, and a cucumber-on-the-eyes meditation. Then, of course, your anti-ageing cream regime.

If you don’t notice a less-stressed complexion after using our anti-ageing cream regime, we’ll refund your money.

We know they work and, very soon, you will too.

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