What Is Environmental Ageing & How to Treat It?

By 20/04/2019Skin Care Tips
Anti-ageing skincare

Not all wrinkles are inevitable.  

Most of us think of fine lines and wrinkles as a part of getting older. That most of it comes down to how good our genetics are. And anti-ageing skincare is something that helps slow this natural process down. Of course, there’s truth to all this, but it’s not the entire story.

You do have more power than just the anti-ageing skincare you use (even though this is a great strategy). Let’s talk about the type of ageing that is preventable: environmental ageing.

What is environmental ageing? And can anti-ageing skincare help?

Environmental ageing occurs as a result of daily exposure to pollution, toxins, chemicals, and UV rays. These harmful factors impact your organs and, particularly, your skin. We use a range of botanical ingredients in our anti-ageing skincare to reduce the effects once the damage is done. But we want you to understand that using anti-ageing skincare is only one part. You can make lifestyle changes to minimise premature wrinkles. You can take intentional action to minimise the impact of the environment on your skin.

UV rays & Aussie sunshine.

Sun damage is the leading cause of environmental ageing. Our anti-ageing skincare range targets age spots, uneven skin tone and sagging – all, of which, the sun accelerates. Sun lovers, while we love a beautiful tan just like you, it’s not worth the long-term damage. Anti-ageing skincare will work to counteract the damage, specifically the breakdown of collagen and dehydration. Be religious about wearing sunscreen every day and introduce ingredients that naturally protect your face, like peptide blend, vitamin E, and C0Q10. You’ll find these botanical components in our anti-ageing skincare.

Toxins & pollutants.

While you can’t avoid environmental pollutants, there are ways you can reduce your interaction with toxins. Don’t smoke, limit your alcohol intake, use chemical-free cleaning products, and choose organic food options where possible. Your anti-ageing skincare will minimise the number of free radicals in the body – the toxic culprits that cause wrinkles. Our Age IQ day and night anti-ageing skincare cream set is particularly powerful for its patented ingredient, SIG-1273® extract. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and inhibits free radical damage. This is the only anti-ageing skincare cream in the world with this scientifically-proven blend.

Diet & exercise.

What you eat and how you much you move your body is both the problem and the solution. Give your body a diet rich in antioxidants, as you do the same for your skin, with anti-ageing skincare. Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and lean meats to keep your skin looking fantastic.

We have a suite of anti-ageing skincare that helps heal, hydrate and guard your face against environmental stressors. While it’s difficult to pinpoint wrinkles on one cause, like smoking or the sun, using anti-ageing skincare and making some simple, healthy lifestyle adjustments can keep you looking (and feeling) radiant.

Because ageing is a multifaceted biological process, invest in anti-ageing skincare that’s backed by scientific breakthroughs.

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