The Value of a Morning Routine

There are times when all of us feel like we’re chasing the clock. “I just need more hours in the day” is a common phrase that we hear thrown around. Unfortunately, you can’t have a 30-hour day (wouldn’t that be nice).

What you can do though, is change your relationship with time. And it starts as soon as you wake up.

Most successful people are early birds. They have an unwavering morning routine that sets them up for the rest of the day. What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes? Chances are, you hop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your emails. The next thing you know it’s half an hour later and you’re 10 profiles deep, looking at photos of people you don’t even know.

Start by changing your habits.

While there’s no ideal morning routine that fits everyone, there are positive habits you can instil to start your day positively. Like so; creating a morning routine that lasts requires setting good habits that will help you remain accountable and making the most of your days – to work smarter, not harder – and not scramble out of the door feeling stressed before your day has already started.

There’s this phrase, ‘habit-stacking.’ It can help you design your morning routine. By ‘stacking’ new habits on top of something you’re already doing (like brushing your teeth), it’s easy to avoid procrastination. You program your mind to expect the next action. Be as strict as possible while you’re forming these habits.

Knowing exactly how the first 90 minutes of your day looks like is powerful, as it helps you feel in control – kicking anxious thoughts in the butt.

The first hour of your day

Your morning routine could look something like this:

Habit 1: Don’t reach for your phone. Drink a glass of water and open your curtains. Let that sunlight in and open the window if it’s not too cold. Make your bed, too.

Habit 2: Sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and give yourself time to ease into the day. Meditate for five minutes.

Habit 3: Take a cold shower or if you did the night before, wash your face and complete your skincare regime.

Habit 4: Make a healthy breakfast and as you’re eating it, think about what you want to achieve that day. What are your goals? Set your intentions and go through positive affirmations.

Habit 5: Brush your teeth, get changed, and do your makeup (if you wear it).

Habit 6: Allow yourself five minutes to check your phone before you walk out the door or begin working.

Investing in a healthy morning routine is something that will help you achieve a successful day – and life.

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